Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Savory (Chubritza)

The herb Summer Savory is one of my favorite flavors. In most Eastern European countries is called chubritsa, in Cyrllic чубрица. Summer Savory provides a strong and a very unique flavor to the most simple and the most extravagant of dishes.
It is widely used in Eastern Europe because it is a helpful expectorant for lungs and head, and also a very useful digestive aid. It might be interesting to know that rubbing a sprig of Summer Savory on a bee or wasp sting gives instant relief.
I use Summer Savory very often in my recipes.


Anonymous said...

very good with groundpork or groundbeef "meatballs".

L S L said...

Great I found this article. I was writing a recipe for my blog using this spice and could not remember the name in English

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